February 29, 2024

Marine veteran Michael Cincoski, who was one of the original viewers of the “Jellyfish” UFO video, recently sat down for an in depth conversation with Stephen Diener on the UAP – Unidentified Alien Podcast. They discussed Cincoski’s experience and opinions on the now famous footage, as well as whether he would be willing to testify in front of Congress.

The podcast has gained attention following Cincoski’s recent interviews with NewsNation and Jeremy Corbell. Listeners can find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, or wherever they get their podcasts.

In addition to the podcast, the show can be followed on Twitter @UAPodcast850 for all the latest updates, as well as on TikTok and YouTube. The discussion with Cincoski provides insight into the “Jellyfish” UFO video and his perspective on the phenomenon. It is a notable episode that adds to the ongoing conversation about unidentified aerial phenomena.

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