February 26, 2024

The Japan AI Safety Institute (AISI) is set to launch with Akiko Murakami as its head, responsible for ensuring the safety of artificial intelligence. Murakami, the chief digital officer of Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., emphasized the importance of having checks and balances in place for AI development, stating, “You can’t step on the accelerator without a brake.” She highlighted the need for risk management to keep up with the technological advancements in AI and stressed the importance of creating an environment where system developers can provide information and advice to risk managers.

While AI offers operational efficiency, it also poses risks such as generating disinformation and discrimination. Murakami emphasized the need to control AI-caused problems with technology and mentioned the potential use of technologies such as digital watermarks to identify AI-generated content.

AISI will be responsible for formulating standards for AI developers to assess the safety of their products and will work with industry, academia, and government to compile guidelines that present points where caution must be exercised. The aim is to ensure the responsible and safe development and use of AI.

Overall, the focus of AISI will be on balancing the promotion of AI with the management of its risks and on creating an environment where the safety and security of AI technologies are prioritized.

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