February 25, 2024

Recent snowfall in Colorado has helped improve drought conditions and brought the state’s snowpack closer to normal. Southern Colorado is still experiencing severe to extreme drought, but there has been some recent improvement. Comparing early February to late January, there was a noticeable decrease in abnormally dry, moderate, severe, and extreme drought conditions. Snowpack across the state has also improved. On January 31, Colorado’s snowpack was at 84% of normal, but as of February 9, snowpack statewide was at 97% of the median. Denver has received 20.9 inches of snowfall for the season, which is 14 inches behind the average. Even though November, December, and January produced below normal snowfall, there has been improvement in February with 5.5 inches of snowfall, which is only 2.3 inches behind the monthly average. Historically, Denver sees the most snowfall during March and April, so there is still plenty of time for snow across the state.

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