February 26, 2024

Former Pentagon UFO chief Sean Kirkpatrick claims that he was gagged from revealing top secret information about alien life. Kirkpatrick was the director of the US Department of Defence’s UFO task force and says that his superiors prevented him from speaking to the public about his findings, despite having evidence to support them. He is demanding that bombshell files on UFOs be released to the public and feels that the US government’s efforts to investigate UFO sightings should have been clearer. He fears that the lack of information being passed on to the public will only help to promote unproven agendas and conspiracy theories.
However, the Pentagon denies any of Dr Kirkpatrick’s claims and says that he was always allowed to say what he wanted. The Pentagon also released a large amount of real-life X-Files related to its secretive UFO program in 2022, but some portions of the documents had to be withheld due to privacy and confidentiality concerns. Kirkpatrick has claimed that there is a package of new material ready for release that includes operational videos and historical documents. During his time with the Pentagon, he was allowed to share declassified footage of the metallic spherical orbs, which are the majority of UFOs spotted. The DIA, the Defence Department’s spy arm, has said “some portions” of the documents “must be withheld in part” due to privacy and confidentiality concerns.

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