February 29, 2024

SEEDS is facing a challenge in communicating the dangers of a heat wave, as it is not as visible as other disasters. They are using AI models and risk maps to assess and communicate the risks of heat waves in different areas. SEEDS also engages in community outreach to educate people about heat stress and conducts interventions to help protect those at higher risk. They are also working to extend their model to middle- and high-income group areas. Additionally, SEEDS is addressing climate change by running models to reduce carbon footprint and carbon emissions during heat waves. The organization has transitioned from being focused solely on disaster response to addressing broader environmental issues. One example of their work is the help Vanshika Paswan, who came up with a low-cost DIY solution to insulate a water tank on her roof. The group reaches out to schools, NGOs, and volunteer groups to conduct quizzes and contests to raise awareness about heat stress. They also work with communities to implement low-cost solutions, such as using jute bags for insulation. Through their work, SEEDS aims to create a science-based approach to reduce carbon emissions and minimize the impact of heat waves.

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