February 25, 2024

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky discussed the FTC allegations against Amazon, as well as AI innovation and Amazon’s contributions to the U.S. economy. President Biden recently signed an executive order to protect Americans from artificial intelligence (AI), but a deepfake detection company has concerns about the order’s limitations, particularly related to watermarking. The order aims to protect citizens from AI-enabled fraud, but Reality Defender co-founder Ben Colman believes that this approach has several flaws. Provenance watermarking, endorsed by leading tech companies, is seen by the Biden administration as an effective way to label AI-generated content and protect consumers from disinformation and fraud. However, it’s been proven that the watermarking method is easily evaded. Reality Defender uses a probabilistic scoring method to analyze content for authenticity. The company believes that the government should prioritize reliable methods of deepfake detection instead of relying on the biggest industry players’ safety measures. Colman is advocating for clear tools to provide information about potentially manipulated content before it goes viral. He believes this will lead to more informed decisions by the public. In conclusion, the conversation led by Selipsky, the FTC allegations, and the concerns raised about the effectiveness of the executive order on AI are all at the forefront of AI discussions.

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