February 25, 2024

Avocado growers in Mexico are facing issues in the supply of avocados, with fewer being shipped due to lack of rain and warmer temperatures. The low levels of water are causing issues for the growing lands, with lakes literally drying up and avocados starting to be illegally planted. This is coupled with problems in tequila production too, adding to the issues that the area is facing.

Officials are taking steps to put a sustainability certification program in place which will ensure that a QR code on avocado stickers will link to an aerial photo of the orchard, showing that the fruit was grown responsibly. This comes as demand for more environmentally friendly produce grows, with over 28,000 people signing a petition calling on grocery chains to adopt more sustainable avocado-sourcing policies.

Though the certification program and conservation efforts are the Mexican government’s attempts to address sustainability, the current issues are not likely to resolve soon. Lakes in the Michoacan region are drying up, and illegal planting continues to occur. These problems will continue to affect the supply of avocados in the near future.

Another major concern is the deforestation occurring in the area to harvest the blue Weber agave used to make tequila. The increased demand for tequila is leading to higher agave prices and increased deforestation, which is becoming a new threat to the ecosystem in Mexico. These issues are cyclical and will continue to lead to an unsustainable future if not appropriately addressed.

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