February 25, 2024

Sacha Jafri, one of the most successful living artists, recently sold the world’s largest painting on canvas for $62 million. However, he is against digital art and AI in art, believing that technology-driven art is problematic. Jafri’s approach to art involves creating large paintings from a trance state, allowing him to connect with his emotions and emit pure energy. He views painting as a therapeutic language and has used it to understand and cope with his struggles with dyslexia and autism. Additionally, he works with children’s mental health charities to use art as a form of therapy. His hesitation towards digital art comes from a concern for people’s disconnection from the natural world and their obsession with the digital world. While he is gradually becoming open to digital art, he still believes that digital art, particularly AI-driven, lacks the soulful and emotional connection that traditional art provides. Despite his skepticism, he has found practical uses for digital art in his work, particularly in terms of efficiency and layering. Nonetheless, Jafri remains cautious about the impact of digital and AI-driven art on human emotion and understanding. His approach to art aims to connect with people on a higher emotional level, and he fears this may be lost with the rise of digital art.

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