February 26, 2024

The use of AI-generated voices for telemarketing has sparked controversy in the tech world, with different countries taking different approaches. In the U.S., the FCC has made it illegal to use AI-generated voices for telemarketing, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They have initiated an investigation into the role of artificial intelligence in robocalls and are working with law enforcement agencies to eliminate fraudulent calls. In contrast, France currently has no regulations on the use of AI-generated voices for telemarketing, but has measures in place to protect consumers, such as the Bloctel opposition list, Signal SPAM for fraudulent emails, and the “red list” to restrict the publication of contact details. Bloctel is a public service dedicated to protecting consumers against intrusive telemarketing by allowing individuals to register on a list opposing telemarketing. While the U.S. is taking a proactive stance against AI-generated voices for telemarketing, France has yet to regulate the practice, instead relying on existing measures to protect consumers.

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