February 25, 2024

At the Swimming World Championships in Doha, Poland’s Robert Łukaszewicz ended the nation’s 32-year Olympic drought by securing a spot in the Paris Olympics. His journey to Olympic qualification was marked by challenges, including disappointing results in 2019. However, he persevered and delivered stellar performances in Doha, setting a new Polish record in the preliminary round and finishing 11th overall in the final. Łukaszewicz expressed gratitude for the support of his coach, family, and fans. With his qualification, Polish diving has a new chapter, inspiring a new generation of divers. Coach Piotr Borowski praised Łukaszewicz’s potential, dedication, and passion for diving, and expressed confidence in his ability to make a lasting impact on the sport. As Łukaszewicz looks ahead to the Paris Olympics, he is determined to continue representing Poland on the world stage and is excited for what the future holds.

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