February 29, 2024

The first-ever “Day of the Unexplained” Paranormal Convention was held at St. Michael’s Theatre, featuring psychics, paranormal experts, and Ghostbusters from Ireland. The event, organized by Anthony Joseph Kerrigan and Mary Nolan, attracted around 200 attendees from the UK and America. The convention included talks, vendors selling paranormal equipment and crystals, and a psychic medium reading fortunes. The Ghostbusters arrived with their “Ecto-1” Ectomobile car, proton packs, and the character Slimer. The event was a great success, bringing together people interested in haunted history, ghost stories, witchcraft, and UFOs. The convention also provided a boost to the local economy, benefiting the theater, accommodations, pubs, cafes, and shops. Organizers are planning to make the convention an annual event due to the positive feedback and interest from locals. Attendees were impressed by the diverse range of subjects and appreciated the opportunity to network. Furthermore, the Ghostbusters team raised funds for Heart Children Ireland at the convention. The event was a great opportunity for networking and renewed interest in the paranormal field after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, the convention was well-received and holds the potential for becoming a regular and popular event.

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