February 29, 2024

Documentary Film Director Luigi Vendittelli discussed his life as a UAP researcher and upcoming Project Gravitaur in a recent interview. He began his UFO research journey as a member of MUFON in 1988 and later founded “We Are Not Alone” (WANA) to spotlight the significance of UFO and abduction experiences. Vendittelli stressed the trauma UFO witnesses endure due to ridicule and disbelief and advocated for more understanding and compassion in addressing their experiences. He met Bob Lazar, a former employee at Area 51, and embarked on collaborations to create a high-quality diecast model, a 3D visualization of Area 51, and a documentary film titled “Lazar: The Original Whistleblower”. The Project Gravitaur also includes a virtual reality experience and an illustrated book that will offer different pathways for audiences to engage with Lazar’s story. Additionally, Vendittelli shared his observations about Lazar’s sincere nature and honesty, endured skepticism, and how instances of scientific validation strengthened Lazar’s credibility. He acknowledged the complexities surrounding government secrecy and classified information, expressing guarded optimism about potential gradual disclosures. Vendittelli also commented on the potential involvement of religious institutions in extraterrestrial secrecy, emphasizing the need for a balanced and critical perspective in understanding the intricate factors involved in these matters.

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