February 25, 2024

CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, expressed concerns about the societal misalignments caused by artificial intelligence systems. During a video call at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Altman emphasized that the potential dangers of AI are not just limited to “killer robots,” but extend to more subtle societal issues that could result in catastrophic outcomes. He suggested the need for a governing body similar to the International Atomic Energy Agency to regulate the rapidly advancing field of AI.

Although OpenAI is a leader in the AI field and has received significant investments, Altman believes that the AI industry should not be solely responsible for establishing regulations. He emphasized the need for global collaboration in creating a comprehensive action plan for the future of AI.

Altman’s conversation with the UAE’s Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence addressed global concerns about AI, but did not touch on local concerns regarding restrictions on speech and potential security risks associated with AI development in the UAE.

In addition to discussing geopolitical challenges, Altman also highlighted the positive impacts of AI in education and predicted significant advancements in AI technology over the next decade.

Overall, Altman’s remarks underscore the importance of addressing potential societal risks and implementing appropriate regulations in the rapidly evolving AI industry to prevent catastrophic outcomes.

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