February 29, 2024

An artificial intelligence expert is warning parents about the dangers of posting pictures of their children online. The use of new AI technology to create pornography, including child pornography, has been linked to recent criminal cases in Charlotte. The FBI found hundreds of AI-generated child pornography images on digital devices belonging to a former flight attendant and a doctor, both arrested for child sex crimes. The use of AI to create explicit images has also targeted celebrities like Taylor Swift. Legislation at the federal level to combat AI pornography has been slow, prompting state attorneys general to take action. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson has urged lawmakers to pass bills targeting criminals using AI to exploit children. Companies that operate platforms disseminating the materials also need to implement stricter codes of conduct. The expert advises parents to carefully consider the risks of sharing images of their children online and to be cautious about the type of information they post to the general public. While not recommending to never share images online, she suggests locking down privacy settings and only sharing images in private messages and texts. Education on the risks of sharing images online is important, but the expert emphasizes that better laws are also necessary.

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