February 25, 2024

Doug Kaupp, the City’s general manager of water and wastewater treatment, led a tour of the water treatment plant to show members of the media the process river water goes through before reaching residents. Kaupp explained that the plant, over 40 years old, is approaching capacity due to the community’s growth and increased demand. The average production at the water treatment plant is around 60 million liters a day, with a capacity of 150 million liters a day. Kaupp also mentioned their plans to expand the facility to accommodate for population growth. Furthermore, he addressed the drought conditions the city is facing and discussed potential drought response measures, such as water conservation efforts. He stressed the need for residents to conserve water, both outdoors and indoors, as the city prepares for possible water use restrictions. In addition, Kaupp spoke about the plans to improve the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant and the need to save water in city buildings and open spaces. He also mentioned the low snowpack and the potential for a long stretch of drought through the summer. This is important for people to be aware of, given the potential impacts on daily life.

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