February 25, 2024

Residents displaced by storm-related flooding in San Diego have filed claims against the city, accusing them of improperly managing the stormwater infrastructure, leading to flooding that caused damaged to properties across 17 neighborhoods. The attorneys representing the residents are seeking class-action status and want the city to establish a stormwater utility to fund projects addressing the stormwater infrastructure needs. The claims seek to hold the city accountable for the damage caused by the flooding. Similar claims have also been announced on behalf of other residents since the January floods. The People’s Association of Justice Advocates is assisting residents with filing claims and launching a flood drive to assist displaced residents, seeking donations of gift cards for restaurants, blankets, shoes, socks, and toiletries, which can be dropped off at their headquarters. The president of the organization said that the flooding could have been prevented and that city officials have been aware of stormwater funding problems and outdated infrastructure for years. Residents interested in pursuing legal action can contact the People’s Association of Justice Advocates.

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